Graduated from Tarsus American Lycee in 1957 and from Robert College, Istanbul in 1961 (B.S. in Chemical Engineering), he completed his M.S. (in Chemical Engineering) and M.A. (in Economics) degrees at the University of Texas, Austin, between 1961-65.
He worked as the Director of International Voluntary Work Camps Association/Turkey Country Program between 1959-61; as a Project Engineer for Atlas Chemicals, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware between 1963-65 (where his work received a US Patent for "crystallization of mannitol"); and as Field Director, Project Officer and Advisor for Social Service, Community Development and Family Planning programs in Turkey between 1965-73.
In 1972 he was assigned as a member of the five-member Secretariat of the Review Committee set up by the UN Secretary General for re-organization of UNFPA. At the same time, he headed the Task Force for drafting of the National Population Policy Statement for the Ministry of Health of Turkey. In 1979-80, he undertook the responsibility of coordinating the Task Force for preparation of the National Poultry Development Program within the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey for submission to the World Bank.
In 1969 he became the principal founder and the Secretary General of the Development Foundation of Turkey (T�rkiye Kalkinma Vakfi - TKV) where he acted as the Executive Officer responsible for policy formation, fund raising, supervision of program and project preparation and implementation for 35 years. During this period, TKV literally pioneered breakthroughs in rural Turkey on several occasions: in extending family planning to rural households, in starting quality queen-bee breeding, in the campaign against Varroa in beekeeping, in the production of Theileriosis vaccination for cattle, in developing indigenous rural credit programs, and in introducing an integrated poultry production model based on small holders in Turkey.